What is Noma?
A disease of infectious origin, non-contagious, developing from the mouth, which causes medio or laterofacial destruction and/or death of the child.
The child dies quickly after the onset of symptoms.

Predictive factors:
- malnutrition    
- a bad condition
- a system
  weakened imunitary
  by a disease

Only 10% of children with necrosis survive but their faces are disfigured and gnawed at.

A facial reconstruction will be necessary to allow them to resume social life.

How to fight Noma?
Prevention is the cheapest and most effective way to fight Noma.
If detected in time, the patient would recover within the first week of treatment.
However, without screening and antibiotics,
this disease is devastating as soon as facial necrosis appears.
Noma in the DRC is a little-known reality among the general public and even among health personnel. The patient is usually hidden for reasons of social shame.
Very often, this disease is attributed to a mysterious or mystical character, "mbas ya munoko", which translates into "curse thrown on the mouth".
This belief encourages social exclusion.